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Architectural Mesh Systems


Located in Cambridge, Maryland, GKD USA provides full service, turnkey solutions for metal fabric systems, from engineering to fabrication and installation.  GKD continues to revolutionize how architectural structures are enhanced aesthetically, augmented functionally and optimized economically.

Other Products by GKD:

Interior Mesh Ceilings & Walls

Integrated LED Mediamesh®


Parking Garage Screening


  • Secure environment
  • Pedestrian safety 
  • Protection from the elements
  • 50% open area for high visibility and optimum airflow
  • Cost-effective installation
  • Stainless steel material = long life
  • Easy maintenance
  • Sustainable


Solar Management

  • Dazzling design element
  • Reduces solar heat-gain
  • Increases interior comfort 
  • Large scale panels
  • Supports LEED
  • Sustainable

Perforated Panels | Perforated Imaging | Custom Textured


Other Products by Dri-Design

Single Skin Dry-Joint Metal Panel Systems


Dri-Design's Perforated Panel Series provides necessary airflow and/or shade to a structure without sacrificing style or design. Virtually any shape and pattern can be perforated into the panels and used for a myriad of applications.


Dri-Design's Perforated Imaging uses advanced computer based manufacturing to create complex images. By varying the size, location and density of the perforations, areas of light, dark and shades in between are created to form an image.