METAL Ceilings & Wall Systems


Designed for commercial, acoustical, educational, clean room, data-center, healthcare, correctional, industrial, and institutional environments, Gordon's architectural metal ceilings & walls are award-winning and are designed for easy installation, high durability, and fabricated to your specific layout requirements.  


  • Baffles | Beams | Linear Systems
  • Flush Mount | V-Groove | Reveals
  • ​Corrugated | Perforated | Acoustics
  • Acgroguard® Colors
  • Greenwood™ Wood Finishes
  • Textures | Perforated
  • Millennium® Panel Systems 


Located in Cambridge, Maryland, GKD provides full service, turnkey solutions for metal fabric systems.  GKD metal mesh partition & ceiling solutions enable the design and creation of isolated spaces through the use of tightly woven designs. Or with more open weaves, GKD can create open, free-feeling spaces. 


  • Elegant Aesthetics
  • Stainless Steel | Aluminum
  • Bronze | Copper | Painted
  • Lay-In | Torsion Spring Accessible
  • Tension Mounted | Framed
  • Engineered | Fabricated
  • Ready for Installation