AIA CES Courses

Rainscreen Systems and their Contribution to Sustainability


Credits:  1 LU/HSW

Sponsor:  ISAarchitectural

This course will introduce the participant to The Rainscreen Principle.  After becoming acclimated  with this principle and its history, they will review how rainscreen systems contribute to the health, safety and welfare of the project participants and the eventual occupants. 

Suspended Wood Ceilings: Design to Delivery


Credits:  1 LU/HSW

Sponsor:  9Wood

This course offers a comprehensive discussion of the key factors that inform and influence the specification of a suspended wood ceiling.  It offers the benefits of suspended wood ceilings; materials including veneers and solid wood; sustainability attributes; and performance characteristics.

Composite Sub Framing and its Contribution to Sustainability


Credits:  1 LU/HSW

Sponsor:  SMARTci™/GreenGirt™

This course will introduce the learner to latest methods of continuous insulation (CI) through the use of composite sub framing systems.  The learner will review how composite sub framing is contributing to the health, safety and welfare of the project participants and the eventual occupants.

High-Density Fiber Cement in a Ventilated Rainscreen


Credits:  1 LU/HSW

Sponsor:  American Fiber Cement

This course discusses various topics pertaining to highdensity fiber cement and its use as a cladding material. This includes the manufacturing process, standard ventilated rainscreen system installation practices and benefits, design considerations, and various fiber cement panel applications. 

Metal Fabrics in Architecture: Form and Function


Credits:  1 LU

Sponsor:  GKD-USA Metalfabrics

This program will introduce you to different materials and attachments used for specific design solutions. It will look at characteristics and performance features of metal fabrics and highlight their proper architectural applications. It will also address sustainable and environmental benfits of metal fabrics. 

​Superior Cladding Finishes Using HD Printing Technology


Credits:  1 LU/HSW

Sponsor:  Dizal

This course will introduce the learner to digital printing’s impact on the cladding industry, and will review various methods of producing unique finishes on traditional, recyclable materials.  Finally, we will review how using these types of material can contribute to the overall sustainability of your projects. 

Patient Privacy & Tranquility: Creating Optimal Healing Environments in Healthcare


Credits:  1 LU/HSW

Sponsor:  Unicel Architectural

This course will review options for privacy, lighting and sound control, and will further detail recent case studies from several leading healthcare facilities. It will also illustrate how good design can dampen noise and create a healing environment that is less stressful and more restful for patients. 


Daylight and Energy: Designing with (IGU's) with Integrated Cord-Free Louvers


Credits:  1 LU/HSW ​

Sponsor:  Unicel Architectural

This course will explain the benefits of designing with (IGU's) with integrated cord-free louvers including controlling heat gain and optimizing occupant health.  The designer will have a better understanding of daylight design and designing for improved daylight and energy efficiency.

​​Educational Safety: Using Integrated Louvers in Doors & Windows to Optimize School Security​


Credits:  1 LU/HSW 

Sponsor:  Unicel Architectural

This course will examine common vulnerabilities in school design and how IGUs with integrated cord-free louvers can address these to help improve the physical security in schools by focusing on protective measures that reduce risk, reinforcing doors and windows, creating safer lockdown spaces, ensuring adjustable surveillance, and ensuring sound control.

Architectural Acoustics and Noise Control


Credits:  1.5 HSW|SD LU

Sponsor:  Pyrok

This course will explain the principles of sound and frequency.  The designer will gain an understanding of NRC and STC as they relate to common architectural design goals for noise control and room acoustics.  They will also learn the key elements of ANSI S12.60-2002, the standard for classroom acoustics.  Lastly, they will look at the application of materials to control acoustics within a room and for controlling the transmission of noise between rooms.

Exterior Air Barrier Systems: High Performance Building - Part 1


Credits:  1.0 LU

Sponsor:  Dorken DELTA

 This presentation will help you understand changing codes and standards, why air tightness is important, and how to detail exterior air barrier systems.  You will also learn the performance characteristics of the various membrane types and will come away with a stronger understanding of how these systems work.

Continuous Exterior Insulation: High Performance Building - Part 2


Credits:  1.0 LU

Sponsor:  Dorken DELTA

 This presentation will help you understand thermal control fundamentals, changing codes and standards, and how to detail enclosures with continuous insulation. You will come away with solutions to  thermal bridges and an understanding of how higher levels of thermal control affect enclosure design.

Introduction to Structural Insulated Sheathing Materials


Credits:  1.0 HSW|SD LU

Sponsor:  Maxlife Industries

This course is designed to help the architect understand the new products being rapidly introduced into the market that assist in installation of multiple steps of a normal commercial exterior assembly of control layers, such as:  thermal, air, vapor, structure, and fire control into one or fewer steps that are traditionally used in many of today's building designs.

Designing with Sustainable Architectural Metals


Credits:  1.0 HSW|SD LU

Sponsor:  Gordon Incorporated

When commercial environments are designed, metal is included as a part of the construction for its durability, low maintenance and beauty.  This course will teach the participant how to accurately specify metals and their finishes in a manner to provide durable, beautiful and value added systems.

Benefits & Applications of Photocatalytic Ceramic Tiles


Credits:  1.0 LU/HSW

Sponsor:  DSA

This course provides an overview of the properties of photocatalytic ceramic tiles, including the science, health benefits, and applications.

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